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Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which damaged cartilage of knee joint is replaced with metal lining and plastic cushion. This procedure provides pain free and functional knee joint to the patient.

Traditionally knee prosthesis is being manufactured from the cobalt-chrome alloys because of their strength and relative hardness. When the prosthesis is implanted, it undergoes cyclical loading and stress during usage of knee for daily activities. Over a period of time surface of cobalt – chrome implants gets roughened. When this roughened surface rubs over the plastic bearing surface the plastic wears out. The plastic wear debris secondarily reduces the prosthetic joint life and may warrant for revision surgery.

What is Oxinium:

Oxinium is patented metal alloy produced by SMITH & NEPHEW for the manufacture of knee and hip implants.

Oxinium is an oxidized Zirconium. The zirconium metal alloy is oxidized through a patented process, which then turns metal surface into ceramic. Oxinium implants have ceramic like surface and metal like structure.

This metal alloy has a combination of hardness, smoothness and scratch resistance. The ceramic surface of Oxinium metal alloy is two times harder and twice scratch resistance than cobalt-chrome alloys. These additional properties produce less wear than cobalt-chrome alloy prosthesis.

Some facts about Oxinium:

·Surface hardness of Oxinium is double that of cobalt – chrome

·Research studies in labs have shown that prosthesis made from OXINIUM reduces wear by 50%.

·OXINIUM material is less brittle as compared with ceramic there by can reduce risk of brittle fractures.

·Nickle content in Oxinium is minimal there by reducing the problems of metal sensitivities in certain patients.

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